Monday, September 29, 2014

Barrett B.'s Barrett

Barrett B. also wants a Barrett M82, specifically in the newer short barrel design, the Barrett M82A1-CQ. If I have looked this up correctly, the military designation for this is the Barrett M107.

I looked at a lot of videos, but the one I picked is Jerry Miculek's review of the rifle. He takes the rifle apart, talks about the features, and then takes the rifle out and shoots it. He doesn't go out to what I would call a long range, but he does what he does best, he shoots fast and he has a lot of fun.

If this is your grail gun and you get to shoot one, I hope you have as much fun as Jerry.


Dave H said...

CQ as in "close quarters'? I can't wrap my head around using the words "Barrett" and "close quarters" in the same sentence.

ASM826 said...


Watch the video, even if you skip around, when Jerry starts shooting, the first thing he does is a 6 shot mag dump at 10 yards.

Barrett B. said...

Dave, from what I can gather, it was designed for the Coast Guard with use from helicopters in mind. It certainly wasn't intended for room clearing.

I have an inexplicable love of short barrels and the thought of touching off a .50 BMG from a 20" barrel just makes me giggle.