Monday, August 11, 2014

The Price and the Value

I didn't start studying until I was 49. I struggled with rolls and falls all though the first couple of years.Nothing about it came easy to me.

Last summer, I was asked to be the uke, the partner that attacks and then takes the falls, for a black belt test. It is an honor to be asked. It means the person testing respects your skills enough to want you on the mat for their test.

That's me in the air.

What did it cost me to learn this? What value can I put on the knowing?


Richard Blaine said...

Well done!

I participated in Aikido a number of years back. I damaged my shoulder because my brain turned on while in the air heading into a roll. I keep thinking about going back - I need the exercise - and the discipline.

Old NFO said...

That's you've progressed much further than you thought you could. And you're trusted to do the right things!

NotClauswitz said...

Nice spin! I'm not sure my knee will let me participate like that anymore. I can't lunge the way I used-to in fencing. I mean I can, but I just can't get back up again - so I'll have to fight from the extended position, and then roll-over on my side to get-up...?

Jeremy Brock said...

I've taken tang soo do, shorin-ryu, and Yoshinkan aikido, in that order. Mainly because of multiple relocations I never got anywhere near black belt in any of them.

If I had to pick one to pursue seriously, aikido would be the one. I never had to use it in a fight, but it saved my ass, and a few more vital components, in a couple of bike crashes.

Nice skill to have. Congratulations.

MSgt B said...

You're officially a BadMotherfucker now.

Please go pick up your BadMotherfucker card at your earliest convenience.

It's in Death Valley, under a cactus, right next to a nest of the middle of an Air Force bombing range.


ASM826 said...


HA! I've got a bad hip (unrelated to training), something like tennis elbow that comes and goes, and currently a very tender left shoulder. Bad MoFo is not how I would describe myself by a long shot. Just an old vet that isn't willing to give up and sit on the couch.