Friday, August 22, 2014

Shooting Low Left

Lots of people shoot low left when they first start pistol shooting. They start out aimed at the target alright, but sometime between then and when the bullet leaves the barrel, things go awry.

Here's an article by Tom McHale explaining both the why and what to do about it. This isn't for us, of course, this is for that newbie you're planning to take to the range next weekend. Yeah, that guy, 'cause our groups are always so stellar.


Anonymous said...

Very useful - thanks!
I really must get more dry firing practice in...

Arthur said...

I used to be really bad at that. I started compensating by using my left(weak) hand to do all the actual gripping of the gun and used my right solely for pulling the trigger. That cleared up the problem unless I was shooting strong hand only.

Somewhere along the line, using my right hand trigger finger only managed to disconnect the trigger finger on my right hand from the rest of the fingers and more or less cleared up the problem entirely.

Can't seem to do the same for my weak hand, but I'm so right side dominant I can barely toss a ball with my left hand or kick a ball with my left foot.

Goober said...

My recommendation to people pulling low/left is that they squeeze the grip 20% harder with their non-trigger fingers.

The low/left issue is a relic of the fingers in your hand not being able to move 100% independently of each other, so as you squeeze with your index finger to work the trigger, you end up squeezing with your other grip fingers, too, which pulls the point of aim down and left.


If you are already gripping with your grip fingers HARDER than the pressure necessary to work the trigger, this won't happen.

So a quick, easy fix is to just tell them to grip the piecce a little harder, and it will solve the problem 8 times out of 10.

I've been told that this is bad form, but I practice with my pistols at 50 yards. Not feet. Yards. I shoot the centers out of clay pigeons with them.

They say this is bad because you won't use your pistol to effect at anything approaching those distances, but the way I figure it, if I can routinely hit a clay pigeon at 50 yards, then sumdood at ten feet is going to be royally fucked.