Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Range Accident

The accident happened at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills, Arizona. A 9 year old was with an instructor. She was being shown how to shoot a full auto Uzi. It got away from her.
The instructor was pronounced dead after being airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas.

Opinions being what they are, along with just how perfect hindsight can be, I can say that letting a 9 year old any inexperienced person hold an automatic with a full magazine is an extra level of risk. A sad event for everyone involved.


Dave H said...

I feel bad for everyone involved.

You're right about the extra level of risk, but it's compounded by the fact that this sort of thing has happened - and been reported widely - before.

burt said...

A sad situation all around.

But, as others have noted, this tragedy probably could have been prevented. The instructor and the parent should have followed a simple rule, the same rule that works in every situation in life:

Know your limitations.

Don't try to lift (or power-lift) a weight that's several times heavier than anything you have previously lifted. Don't pull dirt-track maneuvers on a touring bike the first time you're on it.

Don't try to fire one of the most dangerous weapons at a gun range unless you've been properly trained.

The girl will most likely have nightmares about this for years, poor thing.

Jefferson Selvy said...

And an anti-gunner is born.

Anonymous said...

I believe this proves that common sense is a rare commodity these days.

Goober said...

Super sad story. But totally predicatable, unfrotunately.

When you give anyone a machin pistol for the first time, you give them one loaded with three rounds or less to give them the feel for it and be ready for it before you give them a full mag.

I'm not against a 9 year old shooting an auto pistol, but you have to train her first, and not just give her 30 rounds and your best wishes.