Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No Obligations

If you are walking down the street and encounter someone or something that seems wrong, respond to your feelings. Stop, turn back, cross the street. Do whatever seems necessary for your own safety. You are under no obligations to keep walking, to be polite to strangers, to pretend that your internal alarms aren't going off.

The first and most important self-defense tactic is avoidance.

Self defense is about recovery from stupidity or bad luck, from finding yourself in 
position you would have given almost anything to prevent. --Rory Miller.


Knucklehead said...

News reports this AM showed another security camera video of the scumbag and "a man who was across the street" walking away from the scene.

It seems to me the scumbag across the street was giving signals to the scumbag who punched out the elderly fellow (now reported to have a blood clot in his brain from this).

The scumbags were estimated in their early 20s. I'd set them at mid-20s. Not 14, 15 yr. old idiots, that would be bad enough.

Anonymous said...

What kind of society raises such young men?



Goober said...

Listen to the monkey!

Worst case scenario, you're rude to a stranger and he walks away offended. So what?

Best case scenario, you've just saved your own life.