Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In Other News

Sales of noise cancelling headphones is poised to skyrocket.

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burt said...

Ah, but pumping the noise of typewriters into a newsroom is just noise for the sake of noise.

A good typewriter has no network security problems. Ribbons can be shredded or burned. Paper can be shredded or burned (or, for those who are a/r, shredded AND burned).

I know: I still have a good daisy wheel typewriter that I occasionally use for notes, letters, lists, some legal documents, and other things.

A scanner with reasonably good OCR software can turn my typewritten pages into files, if/when I need to do that.

And those typewritten pages are immune to a hard disk crash... heh...

(But, then, I'm a throwback: I build, repair, and wear mechanical watches; I collect, restore, and use fountain pens; and I often wear suspenders with Dockers and nice shirts... which is strange when you consider I'm an embedded Linux developer...)