Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heavy Bullets in .45 ACP

Here's a PDF file with load data and shooting results from

Since the standard bullet for .45 ACP is 230 grains, heavy bullets could be anything above that. I think of 246 gr. Elmer Keith bullets but there are heavier. I have the mold for the 452424 and have loaded both in .45 ACP and .45 Colt with that.

As he mentions, the larger bullets are seated deeper in the .45 ACP cases and that changes the pressure for any given powder load. The data in this article is for loads for modern revolvers like the Ruger Blackhawk.Compare your data with several sources and work up your loads from a safe minimum.

This was taken last Sunday at the range. I was shooting some 200 gr. button nose bullets that would not cycle in my 1911. 


Skip said...

I really like 200gr swc on top of 6gr of Unique.
Out of a five inch barrel @ 30 feet they are all in the head.

lee n. field said...

Right click, save file as.

I think I might also have an article in an old Handloader on heavy .45ACP bullets.

Something to try someday in the Ruger P90.