Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Series of Decisions

Walking down the street texting. Bump into a stranger. Stranger and his friend attack you. You happen to be in good shape, maybe have some skills. You defend yourself. Successfully. At some point you pause to see if the other two are willing to end the altercation. One of them responds by stabbing you in the heart.

Happened last night in Toronto.


Chris said...

Don't stop fighting when you think the other guy is done. Stop when HE thinks he's done.

The Big Guy said...

Condition White will kill you.

Stay awake.


Anonymous said...

The Big Guy beat me to it. Walking and texting so deep in your phone that you run into __________ (insert non-air object here) is bad, mmmkay?

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe it's not all negative.

The guy who invented texting, or maybe whomever came up with smartphones, or perhaps both of them, deserves an award for building the best herd-thinning device since Fermi's work in Chicago.

Knucklehead said...

Losing track of situational awareness in never a good thing. Easy enough to do thanks to things like cell phones.

A while back I left a building and walked to my automobile in the parking lot. The car was parked, front in, with landscaping in front and enough room for people to move around there. Never saw anyone doing that before there, but the space exists.

Anyway, got to my car, clicked open the door and started climbing in when I dropped my keys alongside the driver seat. Couldn't get at them so climbed back out and started fishing for them. Took a ridiculous amount of time, perhaps 60 seconds, to get to them and get them clear. As I stood up I immediately saw a guy in his, I'd guess, mid-20s approaching me rather briskly. He stopped in his tracks as I looked at him. By now he was no more than 15 ft. away.

"Do you have a light?" he asked (there was no cigarette in his hand).

"No, I don't," I said, glanced around me, then climbed in the car and left.

I have no doubt he was moving in to rob me in some fashion. He was scrawny enough that he wasn't about to mess with me but if he'd caught me face down fishing around my driver seat I'd have been at a serious disadvantage.

I always scope out parking lots as I move toward my car but I left this guy with way too much time to move way to far. Lesson noted.

DoninSacto said...

Gramp told me when I was a little shaver. Don't ever fight. It's stupid and it hurts. But if you have to fight, don't let the SOB get up.