Sunday, July 27, 2014

When Guns Are Outlawed II

Feng Liu, age 59, was a research professor at UNC. He had a regular habit of going for a walk at lunchtime. While walking near campus last Wednesday, he was targeted for a robbery. 

He was murdered by one of the oldest methods known. He was beaten in the head with a rock.

Guns are banned on campuses in North Carolina. Dr. Lui would not have had the option of carry a means of self defense even if he had wanted to. His attackers had long criminal records. As felons, they were banned from owning firearms.

It going to be a paradise when all the guns are gone.

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drjim said...

And yet the gun-grabbers are completely blind to this.

They squawk and complain about "Human Rights" all the time, and yet ignore the most basic human right, the right to self defense.