Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What's Your Plan?

Because you can be sitting on a bench waiting for a bus and have this happen.
"Authorities said the victim, a 56-year old Texas man, was sitting alone on a bench waiting to board a bus when Fobbs approached and began beating him, KENS says. According to the station, officers said Fobbs took time during the beating to say, "I feel like killing someone," before continuing the beating until the victim was dead."
The fact that the murderer was arrested soon after seems to be little consolation.


Anonymous said...


-Keep situational awareness
-If attacked, fight back until the attacker is no longer a threat. This includes stabbing and/or shooting the attacker as needed.


Jester said...

But hey, you know we are all now safer that the police arrested the accused person that did this. But no matter the little consolation it is to those actually personally affected by this crime, like the victim.

Murphy's Law said...

1. Pay attention to surroundings.
2. Don't put yourself in a position of disadvantage, ie; sitting on a bench while threats can stand over you.
3. If/when a threat presents itself, shoot it to the ground.
4. Collect witness names and contact info while waiting for police. Call lawyer before they get there and SHUT UP other than to identify yourself as a victim of an attack who was forced to defend yourself.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Murph... Condition white is NO LONGER an option, anywhere, anytime...

Scott_S said...

Not even in your home.

Weetabix said...

Why didn't someone shoot that guy before he was finished?

Goober said...

One wonders if the white guy waiting at the bus stop had had situational awareness, seen this guy coming, and defended himself, resulting in his beating his assailant to death in the process, if he'd have been "george zimmermaned" afterwards.

One thing to keep in mind is that white guys aren't allowed to defend themselves against black guys anymore, so if you decide to defend yourself, recognize the consequences of that.