Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Box O' Truth

Old Painless runs a website called the Box O' Truth. If you are interested in what a .223 round really does when it hits a sheet rock wall, how hollow points perform when they pass through a couple of layers of cloth before impacting a target, the differences between various handgun rounds, and so on, this is the site to visit.

He started with a box that small sheets of sheet rock or plywood could be inserted into in rows, branched out into water jugs, and then went in different directions. Whatever question came up, he didn't go read about it, he went and shot stuff and came back with the reports.

It may not be science, but as someone likes to say, "Shooting stuff is fun."


Dave H said...

But it IS science. The experiments might not be as carefully controlled as those in an FBI ballistics lab, but they're still experiments with results.

burt said...

Dave H: +1. And, just as in REAL science, the results can be replicated by someone else in a different "laboratory" who follows the same procedures.

Michael Brahier said...

That is a great site. Really proves out the difference between concealment and cover.