Thursday, July 10, 2014

That Moment

Occasionally there's that moment where the best tool for the job is a gun.
"There had to be something wrong. Its head was scabbed over and it was foaming green from its mouth."


Dave H said...

Oh! I didn't realize this was a new post. I thought the description of a scabbed over head and green foam went with the picture in Borepatch's post just below it. The one with a photo of a SWAT officer wearing a helmet and green fatigues apprehending Elian Gonzales.

blogger said...

LOL, Dave

Jerry The Geek said...

Deer cab be very violent, especially the bucks but under the right circumstances any deer is capable of fatal attacks on humans.

My aunt and uncle worked at a "Dude Ranch" in N. California in the 1980's. There were deer who regularly came to the ranch for handouts at the kitchen door (they love pancakes!) They would hang around the corral most of the day. They were considered tame, and a draw to the guests who enjoyed the concept of wild animals being tame.

One day my aunt was cleaning out the corral when a young buck attacked her. His horns were small, and that's all that saved her as he began head-butting her without provocation.

She was on the ground when the buck began to stomp her with his sharp cloven hooves. My uncle came on the scene, carrying a pitchfork. He attacked the deer to rescue his wife, eventually stabbing the deer so deeply with the pitchfork the he couldn't pull it out.

The deer ran off, and eventually died. My aunt spent weeks in the hospital with head injuries and minor (but septice) puncture wounds in the torso and abdomen, besides cracked bones in her fore-arms which were 'defensive wounds' ... she tried to fend of the hooves.

They quit their jobs at the Dude Ranch, and later learned that the owner no longer encouraged the guests to feed the "tame" deer which remained.