Sunday, July 6, 2014

Range report, 8mm Mauser

As promised, we went to the range with the 8mm Mauser. Over the chronograph, the lowest load ran 1470 fps +/- 15. The fastest load ran 1530 fps +/- 13. Group size was better. Maybe not a 1 inch group yet, but far improved over the pulled bullet loads.

The big downside. At that velocity, the replacement sights do not have enough adjustment to get the hits centered on a target at 100 yds. With sights at upper maximum travel, bullets were impacting 8 to 9 inches below aiming point. Velocity will have to be increased or some other sight will have to be mounted.

The upsides. There's plenty of room in the load data to speed up the bullets, certainly enough to get back inside the adjustment range of the sights. The bore is clean, no lead being deposited, so moving up in velocity is a realistic decision. Hoping to gain 200 fps and then start working again on accuracy.

Going to load this week, keeping everything same except the powder. Range again next weekend.


Old NFO said...

Good report. How's the shoulder???

ASM826 said...

Just fine, a heavy military rife shooting reduced loads has about the recoil of a .22

B said...

If you are gonna increase powder loads, think about putting a small piece of paper under the bullet and on top of the powder. I find that a 3/8 punch makes a perfect circle for paper shields for lead bullets to keep the gasses from heating the base of the bullet. Yes, it works even better than a gas check base.

Or you could paper patch, but that is a bit more work.

Peter said...

You might want to look into paper-patched bullets at higher velocities. Prevents leading the bore but still gives excellent accuracy.

Goober said...

If you can't get any better accuracy out of it than that at 100 yards, you might check to see if the barrel is throated.

Pretty common in older rifles that haven't been cared for real well.

Richard Blaine said...

Dad had one of these. Used it primarily as a deer gun. Shot very well, was in good condition. I feel kinda bad that I didn't buy that gun from his estate when I had the chance. I was firmly in the mode of reducing calibers. The goal was to get down to four, then I screwed up and added 45/70 and 300 Blackout. I still have 9x23 WIN, .40 S&W, .44 Mag, which I rarely use

I'm thinking about dumping the 40S&W, and getting a 9mm - as an "inexpensive" way to shoot more. If I can get a good stock of pistol powder (WW231) for .45acp then I'll just stick with that. I suppose I could sell the PPK/S and the almost case of .380 but...

Then I run into my desires for an SSA gun - maybe .357 but I'd rather get a 44-40 and then there's the cap and ball... See it just never ends.

-- "Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in."

Best of luck with the load development. I've got a buddy with a 7mm Mag that he casts bullets for - has had no leading issues (uses gas checks). So you can shoot lead at pretty high fps if done with care. I can get his formula if you want it. rickscafe45 at gmail dot com.

NotClauswitz said...

I thought you only had to worry about lead in the bore when shooting cast bullets with no gas check? If it's copper-clad then it's OK to speed it up, but more speed doesn't always equal more accuracy, right?