Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Out of the Dojo into the Real World

One of the members of our dojo used the skills he's been practicing for years. It happened suddenly. It happened in his back yard while his wife was outside doing yard work. A car being chased by the police hit a fire hydrant on the corner of their street and the driver bailed out running.

Steven looked out the window at the sound of the crash, saw the guy coming at a run into the yard, and went outside. I don't know if the man was just trying to run past them, but Steven reacted to the perceived threat to his family. The link calls it a tackle. Heh.

No one was hurt, the police were already on the way, the man was cuffed in less than a minute after he was pinned. The suspect has a criminal record stretching back 15 years.

I had been waiting hoping the TV station would post the whole interview, but all the link has is the text of the news article and the 45 second teaser.

The learnings that were shared with me:
1. It unfolded very fast.
2. There was not a lot of thinking.
3. People that don't practice falling don't fall well.
4. The expanded awareness and sense of calm only seemed remarkable after the fact.
5. And I quote, "Aikido works!" (the first words he said to me when he told me about it)


Old NFO said...

Outstanding!!! :-)

Michael said...

score one for the good guys, bonus points for being prepared :)

K said...

Any idea of the technique he used?

Yeah - Aiki at speed against people who don't know how to fall - that bad guy was probably happy the cops showed to take him safely to jail. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!


Borepatch said...


Need to get a "like" button.

ASM826 said...


Essentially he did one of the kokyu-nakes we do from a two hand grab or push, followed by what we would call a standing ikkyo submission.

K said...


Anonymous said...

Good for him!