Sunday, July 20, 2014

Honest Wear

Honest wear, you see it on a lot of older guns. They weren't safe queens. They were working guns. Carried in all kinds of weather, rubbing against a holster, exposed to sweat.  It's not abuse, it's the accumulated results of a lifetime of use.

In a previous post, I commented on the difference in the wear on the grip panels on my grandfather's Colt Woodsman. The wear is a result of having being carried in a right side hip holster for years. Whenever my grandfather went hunting, the Woodsman was with him. The outside panel tells the tale.

In the comments, New Jovian Thunderbolt asked for pictures.

Here's the right side.
And here's the left.
Just to show you what they can look like, here's one of the best sites I found for information and pictures: Bob Rayburn's Colt Woodsman Page. Here's a link to his photos, the first one is a beautifully factory engraved and lovingly kept 1917 pre-Woodsman. It goes from there. If you want to look at some wonderful and interesting pistols, scroll through some of these.

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