Thursday, July 3, 2014

Going Further

My son bought an old Mauser. Barrel looks great, finish is still pretty good. It seems like it should be a shooter.

We tried 8mm surplus ammo. Corrosive and inaccurate.

We pulled the bullets. Got new brass, reloaded the bullets over new primers and powder. Cleaner, but still not accurate enough.

We removed and stored the original sights. Replaced them with after-market peep sights. A far better sight picture than the stock sights provided, but not the problem solver.

We have gone further. Over the last few weeks we have cast, sized, lubed, and gas checked a pile of .323 bullets.

Now we are building up some test ammo. The brass has been prepped to the very best of our ability, each load is being weighed. Sets made with enough to chronograph some as well as trying to shoot some groups.

Range report this weekend if the weather cooperates.


Old NFO said...

Hope it works and you get a good load!

Borepatch said...

A range report at the borepatch blog! Been too long. Awesome

Dave H said...

Looking forward to the range report.

How does the crown look on that rifle? I know Mosin-Nagants are likely to have the end of the barrel worn out by sloppy use of the steel cleaning rod. That can make for lousy groups. But I don't know if Mausers can have that same problem.

Arthur said...

Aren't there two flavors of 8mm Mauser? One with 0.318" bullets and one with 0.323"?

TinCan Assassin said...

Slug the barrel. It'll give you the land and groove measurements so you can find out if the barrel is shot out, and/or what size to cast your bullets.

For instance, I had one Mosin slug out to .316, and another slug out to .312

ASM826 said...

The barrel slugs out .3235 and it felt pretty even, no points where the amount of pressure dropped off. The crown looks good. This is a Yugo and it came in cosmoline. The rifle looks like it was never issued.

The accuracy we are looking for is something close to what I am getting out of my 1903A3 so my son can shoot it in military rifle matches. Right now, it's a maybe.

The bullets are sized at .325, gaschecked, and lubed using an old Lyman Lubrisizer, the subject of another upcoming post.

Comrade Misfit said...

Do you need to bed the stock?

NotClauswitz said...

Ok now I get it. Should be good to go but maybe there's some upward pressure on the handguard you can impart in the bedding?