Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weapons, Situational Awareness, and the Modern World

I have been off the grid for a week, training in the woods of South Carolina at an old Civilian Conservation Corps camp that was turned into a summer camp decades ago. Running water and an ice machine in the messhall are height of technology for the week. Cold shower heads on the outside of a building, an old hall we put down training mats in for a dojo, little sleep, no A/C, and the opportunity to train with all the senior instructors round out the experience.

I have been studying a martial art for the last 7 years. The summer camp week is the highlight of the year for the organization. I had no expectations of where it would lead when I started. I just wanted something to help keep me in shape, maybe up my skill set for those times when I cannot carry a firearm.

 I have lost 45 pounds. I work out 2 hours a night, three nights a week, do some seminars and extra practice, and participate in the summer camp every year. I am 57.

In the image below, I am the somewhat blurry figure in the center, throwing the very blurry guy. The three people on the stage are the testing board. It is after 2 AM and I have been up 20 hours after getting about 4 hours sleep the night before. I am testing for nidan, 2nd degree black belt.

I have friends, especially friends at the range, that question what I have been doing. I'm too old, it's not practical, there's the risk of training injuries, etc. I disagree. You're never too old. It teaches me things about situational awareness, it makes me stronger, and it teaches me new skills. Skills that the need for have not really diminished in the modern world.


burt said...

Obama's son?

Dave H said...

"...risk of training injuries..."

Just getting out of bed carries risk. Driving on a public road carries risk of injury or death. If you're going to face that kind of world anyway, why not have something to show for it?

So, did you pass?

Anonymous said...

2nd degree battery? Looks like attempted murder to me.

"He had mental issues"... DUH!

He needs to be put to sleep. There is no treatment or rehab for that.

.45ACP+P said...


Michael said...

Sad part is that we as taxpayers probably paid for every morsel of food that went to raise this turd and we are financing multiple generations of thugs just like him right now as I speak. What other nation on this planet supports and fosters its criminals half so well as we do?

I grew up in Oakland, right beside plenty of people that would do just this sort of thing for fun. Projects are full of scumbags just like this living off our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Actually, losing weight and replacing fat with muscle mass, and, especially, learning to manage that muscle mass for both gross and fine motor actions, is an extremely good way to avoid injuries.

3rd degree black belt in Joe Lewis kickboxing system said...
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3rd degree black belt in Joe Lewis kickboxing system said...

Thanks for deleting my comment, I was out of line.

Differ said...

What do you do if you see something like this going down? What if you're carrying concealed? Someone walking through Walmart twirling a baseball bat.... then they clout some random stranger. Intervene too soon and you're the aggressor, too late and you're too late...and there are too many security cameras to be able give the focker the beat-down he so richly deserves. Worst of all, he knows it; mentally ill or not.