Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Substitue Negligent for Accidental

Guns don’t just “go off”. Someone put their finger on the trigger and pulled. When that happens, everything else is physics. The projectile leaves the barrel and travels until it is stopped by some force. If that barrel was pointed at something you did not intend to shoot, and you pulled the trigger, you were negligent. If you are lucky, you put a hole in the wall, the floor, or the TV. If not, you may have shot yourself, your dog, your child.

HuffPo is all over this,  with a long list of recent "accidental shootings". Not one of them is an accident. In every single case, someone let the muzzle cover another person and then pulled the trigger.  Every single one of these shootings is the result of negligence. Even the ones where a young child shoots someone (or themselves), the owner of the firearm that was negligent.

Those kinds of mistakes are irrevocable. All the tears and regrets after the fact cannot unpull a trigger.

Freedom always includes responsibility. It cannot be avoided. The right to vote includes the responsibility to be informed about the issues and candidates. The right to free speech includes the responsibility for what you choose to say. The right to bear arms includes the responsibility for what you do with those arms. I believe that all of us, as citizens, have rights. We all have to trust one another with the associated responsibilities. The alternative is giving up those rights as HuffPo suggests and living as subjects of the State.

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kahr40 said...

Notably absent from the HuffPo's list of "accidental" shootings over a two year period where any involving the police. I'm sure the absence was "accidental".