Friday, June 27, 2014


The Professional Gunfighter is a website run by several active law enforcement / SWAT officers and firearms instructors. They speak from experience and often have articles posted that address training. They have a series posted on fundamentals. The first section is on stance, how you place your feet, where you hold the gun, etc.

Here's a short quote.
While training, your stance affects all of the other fundamentals. If you don’t build a good platform, you will struggle with sight alignment, trigger control and everything else. With a pistol, stand up! I see so many people scrunching behind their pistols, burying their heads between their shoulders like they are a hunched back, bell-ringing Quasimodo.


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Goober said...

Yup. There is a reason that in the old western novels they always refer to a "gunfighter's stance".

Feet shoulder width apart, shoulders square, body in balance, spine straight....

If you're putting effort into maintaining your balance or straining to get a sight picture, you're wasting effort that could better be put into drawing, aiming, and firing your weapon.

Even 150 years ago, back in the old west, they understood the importance of body positioning when shooting your weapon.

The problem is that when your target starts shooting back, all of this training will be for naught for 99/100 people.

Watch the Chevy and Shane Kehoe shootout for what I mean. Those cops probably trained their entire careers for that moment, and when it came, all you can find is two cops with the most horrible body positioning for firing their weapon to effect that you've ever seen. One cop is running backwards, twisting at the waist, and trying to fire as he runs.

Why even bother? If the situation dictates "run for cover" then frickin run for cover. Don't throw lead in all directions and risk killing some innocent schlub two blocks over.

The issue is that it all falls apart as soon as stuff gets real. I can't even hardly blame these cops for how they reacted. I have no idea what I'd do.

But the thing is, the only thing you can do to combat this is practice and train. You don't know what you'll do when TSHTF, but at least you'll have good muscle memory and the fundamentals will come naturally.