Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fitness as Preparation

How many of us can remember, in the long ago far away, a time when we could run, backpack, ski or swim for hours? It slipped away from us a little at a time. We're Americans. We eat well. We drive everywhere. We got older, got busy, had families and a desk job. We are out of shape. Out of shape to the point we joke about it.

When you drive out to the range, park 25 feet from the shooting benches, and you're out of breath by the time you set up your rifle and spotting scope... When you stop shooting certain matches because you can't lay prone any more... When you, well you get the idea.

A lot of shooters practice as preparation. They have concealed carry permits. If there was ever a situation involving their family they would stand ready to provide the first line of defense. And they would, I'm sure, to the very best of their ability. I would, too.

So what if that defense involved running up two flights of stairs and carrying someone back down and out of a building? Swimming out off a beach into the surf to rescue a child or a grandchild? Grappling with a mugger because you just left the school concert and you followed the laws and put your carry piece in the safe before you left home? Being able to hit a gnat in the nuts at 500 yards is a great skill to have. But it's only one of the things we have to consider. 

When I was in boot camp, we ran and worked out every day. We went to the range for 2 weeks and even then we ran and worked out every day. Even in the fleet, we ran and worked out almost every day, we went to the range once a year for a week. Our shooting time was overwhelmed by our workout time.

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abnormalist said...

For anyone who wants to get back into decent shape, running is a great place to start. Dont plan on runningg x distance is the key.

Get on a treadmill, set a reasonable pace (say 5-5.5 mph) and run until you have to walk. Figure out how long that was then slow down to a reasonable walk (3-3.5mph). If you could only run for three minutes, walk for three, then run for three. Do this for a half hour or until you have to stop.

Next time you go run for stretches of 4 minutes, walk for three. Repeat.

Do this twice a week and in no time you will be running 5 miles. TRUST ME ON THIS. I've never been a runner in my life, but in less than four months I went from those three minute stretches to running 10k.