Sunday, June 29, 2014

All of Them # 1

Loaded. Every one of them. Every time. This won't be my last post on this topic. I wish it would be, I genuinely do, but it won't. I made a label and started a count. Here's a link to the first in a long sad series and the opening line in the article.
"A vendor accidentally shot a woman in the leg while demonstrating a gun and holster at a central Pennsylvania gun show, police said."

And here, from the Cornered Cat, are The Four Rules that could have prevented this and every other accidental negligent shooting.


Brad Richards said...

Gawd yes. I can't count the times I've been around some idiot looking at his rifle, or showing it to some one: holding it any which way. When the barrel is point at me, I get right nervous.

Mostly, the people who do this get all offended when I complain. "It's not loaded".

Right. People who who don't pay attention to where the barrel is pointed, may just not pay attention to that round in the chamber.

burt said...

Just my opinion, but any seller at a gun show who hands a visitor a weapon without the slide or bolt locked open to prove that there is no cartridge in the breech deserves to be ejected from the show right then and there. No questions. Pack your sh*t and leave. Now.

That person is violating the basic rules of firearm handling and displaying both poor judgement and bad behavior. And, as we have now seen, seriously endangered lives.

One other thing: it's easy enough to remove the firing pin from almost every modern weapon. PULL IT OUT OF THE WEAPONS ON DISPLAY. That way, they can't be fired even if some jerkwad passer-by sticks in a live cartridge.

I know that sellers want to sell what's on display. But the seller's new weapons are boxed and stored behind the counter, not on the table. Use the non-firing-pin weapon to demonstrate the weapon's features. If the buyer likes it and hands over the cash, go thru the same features on the customer's brand-new out-of-the-box weapons as a final operational check.

If you want to be considered a professional, BEHAVE IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that some asshat may be going to gun shows and putting live rounds in display weapons.

Yes, 4 rules will catch that. I, as a vendor, would be down right OCD about it.

The gun shows I go to there is a lot of handling by customers. Plenty of reason to not trust the gun is still unloaded.

Also the gun shows here in Virginia normally use zip-ties through the chamber to demonstrate that there is no ammo in the chamber.

There is no reason for a criminal action against the Vendor. This is at most a civil claim. And not even that if it can be shown the woman provided the bullet.

burt said...


Zip ties thru the chamber - great idea. IIRC, my LCP came from the mfr that way.

Unknown said...

It gets worse.

NotClauswitz said...

Here in CA at the GubShowz everything gunny has to be cleared and have a zip-tie through its action.
OUTSIDE the GubShow at the Cow Palace in South SF (fr'instance) there are daily and nightly shootings that have nothing to do with the GubShowz. Someone out in a parking lot mis-handling a loaded weapon is NOT at a GubShowz.

Unknown said...

" Someone out in a parking lot mis-handling a loaded weapon is NOT at a GubShowz."

I agree 100% with that position.

Now, go tell that to the Williamson County Commissioner's Court, the Cedar Park City Council, the Austin American-Statesman, KXAN TV, etc. etc. etc.