Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wonders, walking among us

Here's a young lady who is in a show with Mrs. Borepatch.  It's a musical, so it's not a wonder that she sings like a songbird.  She writes and records her own music, for our listening pleasure.

A little Country-Blues, which is a danged fine combination if you ask me.  Any of my young Gentlemen readers in Atlanta can go and see Miss Lyndsay* in the current production of Little Women at Atlanta's Fabrefaction Theater.  If you take roses and say that Borepatch sent you,, you can probably get me an ass whupping when the Missus gets home.

The TV news may all be bad, and everything may look like it's going somewhere in a hand basket. But we're surrounded by Wonders.  They're all around us, if we'll look.

* And Mrs. Borepatch!

1 comment:

greg said...

Hearing someone like here makes you realize how many really talented folks there are out there. The only difference between her and the young ladies on the radio is opportunity.