Friday, November 30, 2012

The magic words to move AT&T's tech support

The lovely and loves-her-Internet Mrs. Borepatch got the runaround from AT&T's tech support monkeys today.  Her reply was what moved mountains - actually got an AT&T tech engineer on-site at Camp Borepatch in 3 hours:
Comcast told me they could have someone here before the end of the day.
Presto-chango, we have Internet, TV, and phone again.  The moral, of course, is that competition empowers the consumer, and lack of competition dis-empowers the consumer.  There's an Obamacare lesson in there somewhere, but you all get it anyway.

And so I am posting this from the secure Comms room deep within the Camp Borepatch secure perimeter, because my lovely Bride opened up a can o' whoop-ass.

I love this song.  And now I can listen to it on the Internet.


Teke said...

It however does not work the other way around hence why Comcast no longer carries anything but my internet

kx59 said...

It's fortunate that ATT and Comcast don't really know how bad they both suck.
Otherwise it would be a hollow threat.
Both of their advertising should be, "But We Suck Less!"

Jeremy Brock said...

[...] competition empowers the consumer, and lack of competition dis-empowers the consumer.

Quoted for truth. Where I live currently, the gummint has a monopoly on telecommunications. They're not quite far enough behind the technology curve for the hardware to be too major of an issue, as long as one isn't stuck with dialup, but when it comes to customer service ... Ha. Ha. And not in an amusing way, either.

Keads said...

Oh, they all suck. It depends on what day it is on how it goes when you pick up the phone.