Friday, November 23, 2012


The lovely and loves-the-beach Mrs. Borepatch and I are heading to, well, the beach.  We're leaving Camp Borepatch and the dogs (and Crash the Wondercat) under the care of #1 Son and #2 Son.

Fridge is full of turkey leftovers, the freezer is full of frozen pizza.  The liquor cabinet is triple locked.

It's odd to turn over this much responsibility to the kids, because I still see them like this:

But #1 Son drives the Jeep's stick shift, so they can get the dogs to the dog park.  If Blogpress stops crashing, I'll post some pix from the beach so you can all hate on me.


Dave H said...

I know what you mean about still thinking of the kids as kids. My son just got his driver's license today. That's going take some getting used to. But his older sisters have survived and so will he. And so will yours.

You and Mrs. BP have fun at the beach.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy! :-) And don't worry, the boys will take GOOD care of the house... :-)