Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Mrs. Borepatch became a Gun Nut

Jennifer asks quite a good question.  I'll answer separately for myself, but the Lovely and not-a-gun-nut Mrs. Borepatch said it best.

So, she's not a gun nut, according to her.  Me, I think that she is, in the way that counts: she named her SIG.

She also thinks this: Gun rights are Women's rights.  Gun rights are Gay rights.  Gun rights are a reflection that the citizen is a responsible member of society, not a subject.  Gun rights are a statement that we are responsible to take care of ourselves, and not wait for Nanny to save us or our children.

But that's me, for another post.


Guffaw in AZ said...

I just knew you'd pick a smart, plain-spoken woman!

Lissa said...

Tell the lovely Mrs. Borepatch that Siguette says: All good SIGs deserve names :)

Southern Belle said...

I love that post by Mrs. Borepatch.