Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 3000 words

Via Insty comes this, currently in the running for Quote of the Year:
It’s just not sexy to date a helpless princess with an aversion to peas and a bluebird fetish. Give us Sarah Connor in a black cocktail dress pumping a shotgun any day.
All I can add is, why limit things to a shotgun? And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is my 3000. Gentlemen, you may envy me.

A Black Cocktail dress is very nice indeed, but sometimes a lady likes something a bit more practical ...

... or warmer. What's that you say? A Cocktail dress goes with everything? Including full automatic? Well, if you insist:

More on princesses here.


Brigid said...

I want the boots.

You are lucky indeed. Too many out there either want to date the helpless princess or fall for the warrior and then try and lock her in the tower.


Sarah Connor...gonna miss that show. Lena Headey...wheew...!


Did it MY way said...

I'll share my guns with you.

I have spare ammo.

I'd be happy to watch your back.