Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What smells good

A while back, Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell had a post about Gunzilla (for cleaning your guns after you're all out of shooty goodness for the day). This seems to have opened up a can of worms. Some folks like the smell of Hoppes, others like the sweet smell of, well nothing, from Gunzilla.

It's not clear that this is illustrates vive la difference - that men like stinky, traditional cleaning solvents and women like, well, non-stinky solvents. However, Jeff Foxworthy had a great take on men and smells, vs. women and smells. Basically, women like things that smell nice. Men get their buddies to smell things like old socks or bottled Doe Urine, because their buddies "owe them a sniff". Sure it's dumb, but it's one explanation about why men put up with stinky stuff.

Dunno. Seems to me that cleaning your gun should be stinky, which is why your lovely wife exiles you to the garage when you do it.

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