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Monday, February 25, 2013

Low grade fever

Ugh.  I started running a low grade fever and it's been going on all afternoon.  I guess I need a prescription.

Tomorrow's posts will either be late or very weird ...


Old NFO said...

This outta be a classic... :-D

kx59 said...

I hope your reaction to fever is better than mine. It tends to make my whole body feel like hammered shinola.
I'd ask if you got your flu shot, but it makes no difference. Our second oldest daughter got her's back in September and got the flu anyway.

instinct said...

I'm doing the same routine with the fever, but I was also told I have a sinus, ear and pink eye infection. Doc has me on two different antibiotics.

Hope yours isn't like mine.

aurictech said...

Given the subject line of your previous post, I just hope you're not coming down with Avian Swine Flu.... :-O

drjim said...