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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's in your burger?

Well if you're in the UK, it might be almost one third horse.  That's the bad news.

The good news is that there's no "Mad Horse Disease".


deadmandance said...

Buh-dum Chih!

Graybeard said...


There's no Mad Worm disease, either, but I don't want worms in my burgers.

Old NFO said...

Yet... sigh... Gotta watch those Brits, they are right across the channel from France, where horsemeat is STILL on the menu!

mycrofth4 said...

Oh yeah! What about Crazy Horse?

knottedprop said...

Well laugh you might but a Canadian farmer/mass murderer was exporting his victims in handy sized packages to the USA not so long ago, it put me off Canadian bacon for a while.

knottedprop said...

Oh and the burger meat was sourced from Irish meat packing plants. Although apparently the meat they packed was bought from Holland.