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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The good kind of Cat Lady

I was in the checkout line at Trader Joe's, and the lady in front of me mentioned that she was going back to feed two kittens rescued at Atlanta's Hartsfield airport.  They are so young that she will feed them with a medicine dropper.

She mentioned that she's been doing this for 45 years.  I asked how many kittens she's rescued and she didn't know.  Hundreds, maybe thousands.  She's with the Cats In The Cradle no-kill shelter group.  If you're in the area and want kittens (or have a barn and want a barn cat) look them up.

She named the kittens Captain and Tennille.  Heh.  She looks like she's going strong, so she'll likely do this one more time.


armedlaughing said...

So what exactly is he Captain of, anyway?

Not that I wouldn't crew for Ms. Tennille...


Old NFO said...

At least they aren't ending up in a sack in a ditch...

libertyman said...

Okay, who knew she sang background vocals for Pink Floyd's The Wall?

She has a delightful, consistent voice and a lovely demeanor. Tall, too.

Graybeard said...

Being the good kind of Cat Lady is tough. Sure, you need to have a soft spot for the cats, but you also need enough toughness to handle them. Get them to the vets, get them to the adoption weekends at all the pet stores. Give them up and take in more.

Both of my cats are rescue cats, that a nice cat lady fed and cared for. She suggested we put up a bunch of cats, too. I'd end up adopting all of them.